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Dr. John Veterinary

Dr. John fibrocin (35tabs) Dr. John fibrocin (35tabs)
14% Off

Dr. John fibrocin (35tabs)

Hard lumps in teat /udder, teat chord, Fibrosis.

₹ 120₹ 140

Dr. John livoboost vet (200ml) Dr. John livoboost vet (200ml)
0% Off

Dr. John livoboost vet (200ml)

Anorexia, maintains liver functions, Protects & Stimulates liver, Improves appetite.

₹ 120₹ 120

Dr. John Gasso-Vet (30ml) Dr. John Gasso-Vet (30ml)
15% Off

Dr. John Gasso-Vet (30ml)

Flatulent Colic And Indigestion.

₹ 110₹ 130

Dr. John Manincol Drops (30ml) Dr. John Manincol Drops (30ml)
15% Off

Dr. John Manincol Drops (30ml)

MENINGITIS : Seizures, Convulsions, Red & Bulging Eyes (Ophthalmitis), Photophobia, Muscle Spasms, P

₹ 110₹ 130

Dr. John Mindef (30ml) Dr. John Mindef (30ml)
15% Off

Dr. John Mindef (30ml)

Poor body weight.

₹ 110₹ 130

Dr. John Injury Drops (30ml) Dr. John Injury Drops (30ml)
15% Off

Dr. John Injury Drops (30ml)

All types of internal & external injuries. Wounds, cuts, fractures, dislocations, sprains, ligament

₹ 110₹ 130

Dr. John utro-gold (30ml) Dr. John utro-gold (30ml)
15% Off

Dr. John utro-gold (30ml)

UTI infections pus/watery discharge from vagina. failure to conceive. helpful in expulsion of retai

₹ 110₹ 130

Dr. John calf-guard  (15ml) Dr. John calf-guard  (15ml)
15% Off

Dr. John calf-guard (15ml)

covers all major diseases & problems faced by newly born & young animals (calfs, colts, lambs, kids,

₹ 85₹ 100

Dr. John Diaro cin (30ml) Dr. John Diaro cin (30ml)
15% Off

Dr. John Diaro cin (30ml)

Acute subacute or chronic diarrhoea & dysentry of varying aetiology scours.

₹ 110₹ 130

Dr. John Septolon Spray (60ml) Dr. John Septolon Spray (60ml)
15% Off

Dr. John Septolon Spray (60ml)

Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Scar And Antiseptic.

₹ 85₹ 100

Dr. John Heato-Vet (30tabs+30ml) Dr. John Heato-Vet (30tabs+30ml)
13% Off

Dr. John Heato-Vet (30tabs+30ml)

Non-specific Anoestrus, Weak or Silent Heat.

₹ 130₹ 150

Dr. John Masti Plus Drops (30ml) Dr. John Masti Plus Drops (30ml)
14% Off

Dr. John Masti Plus Drops (30ml)

Inflammation of udder/teats, redness, pain, clots/ pus in milk, shrinkage of udder or teats.

₹ 120₹ 140

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