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New Life Bach Flower Crab Apple (100ml)

New Life Bach Flower Crab Apple (100ml)

The Cleansing Remedy, anxiety about cleanliness, Obsessive

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ABOUT New Life Bach Flower Crab Apple

  • Bach Flower Crab Apple is known as the cleansing remedy and is indicated whenever there is a feeling of having been soiled, for example by disease, pollution touching a dirty object or dealing with infected material. In such instances there is an intense feeling of uncleanliness and a compulsion to rid the system of the poison. On some occasions the urge is so great that those in need of this remedy feel they must wash over and over again because they are convinced they have been contaminated in some way. They are generally very fastidious by nature with regard to hygiene generally. Bach Flower Crab Apple is also indicated where there is a feeling of self-disgust or self-loathing, when the reflection of oneself in a mirror causes repulsion, and for those revolted by such things as food and eating, bodily functions, sex and sickness. Another aspect of this remedy is in the help it gives to people who are more worried about their external appearance and not so bothered about their serious illness. This Bach flower remedy (Crab Apple) helps such people to see things in their true proportion. Dr. Bach described it as the remedy which helps us to get rid of anything we do not like either in our mind or our bodies.


  • Feeling of despair, uncleanness, disgust has said or done something contrary to true nature.
  • Feels mentally and physically unclean.
  • Ashamed of physical condition and appearance.
  • Despondent if treatment fails (see also Gentian).
  • Has trivial thoughts - a bee irt bonnet-fussy-house proud.

DOSAGE/ DIRECTION FOR USENew Life Bach Flower Crab Apple

  • As Directed By The Physician

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